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Big List of Free Open APIs The APIs below can be accessed using your web browser, cURL for the command line, API tools like Swagger and Postman, or Mixed Analytics' own API Connector for Google Sheets. Just click the sample URLs in the table to see their response in your browser, or copy/paste the URLs and run in your tool of choice Free APIs. A collection of free APIs derived from Public APIs. Browse all APIs. Explore by category. About this project. 27 Free & Open APIs for Marketers & Content Developers Written by Allie Decker @alliecdecker API is short for Application Programming Interface. An API is an intermediary that relays communication between two programs in a format each respective application can interpret Browse 21+ Best Free APIs 2021 available on RapidAPI.com. Top Best Free APIs 2021 include API-FOOTBALL, Open Weather Map, Yahoo Finance and more. Sign up today for free

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Note: The Free API is only for personal use. CallMeBot can now send WhatsApp Text Messages! Super easy using one simple API call Simple and fast and free weather API from OpenWeatherMap you have access to current weather data, hourly, 5- and 16-day forecasts. Historical weather data for 40 years back for any coordinate. Weather maps, UV Index, air pollution and historical dat

We've just published a full beginner's course about Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on the freeCodeCamp.org YouTube channel. This course was created by Craig Dennis, developer educator at Twilio. He teaches what APIs do, why they exist, and what their benefits are 14 Professional Apis Fonts to Download. Please note: If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font. Free fonts often have not all characters and signs, and have no kerning pairs (Avenue ↔ A venue, Tea ↔ T ea). Check it for free with Typograph. Most popular fonts APIs are the bridge between users, their app usage habits and interaction with the apps, and the apps themselves. APIs have thus become a part of the users' daily lives. Free APIs have become integral to us developers, and we are making really good use of them Get news API to search, collect and analyse any News and Blog articles from the Web. Get historical and real-time news API access for free. NewsData.io is the best alternative to the Google News API Google API Discovery Service allows service consumers to list the discovery metadata of all public APIs managed by the API Platform. API Gateway API. Develop, deploy, secure, and manage APIs with a fully managed gateway. API Keys API. Manages the API keys associated with developer projects. App Engine Admin API

Finnhub - Free APIs for realtime stock, forex, and cryptocurrency. Company fundamentals, Economic data, and Alternative data Source: worked on a small web app personal project where I wanted specific genre-based music. Ended up using a European free music API called Jamendo. 8. Share. Report Save. Continue this thread level 2 · 6y. Pretty sure it's 50 million credits, where a single request can be worth multiple credits depending on the response configuration like size. 3. Share. Report Save. Continue this thread.

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7 Free Geocoding APIs: Google, Bing, Yahoo and MapQuest. ProgrammableWeb recently published an analysis of the top free and paid Mapping APIs available in our directory. Please click here to read the full analysis. Almost every app that uses a mapping API needs some latitude/longitude points Hosted API documentation for every OAS (Swagger) and RAML spec out there. Powered by Stoplight.io. Document, mock, test, and more, with the StopLight API Designer

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Alpha Vantage offers free stock APIs in JSON and CSV formats for realtime and historical equity, forex, cryptocurrency data and over 50 technical indicators. Supports intraday, daily, weekly, and monthly quotes and technical analysis with chart-ready time series Free access to APIs. Realtime API data for stocks (at least all US-based stocks: Nasdaq, NYSE, OTC, or any other exchange), ETFs. Nice to have: Realtime data for Options, Mutual funds, Crypto. High API limits (at least 60 API calls/min) Commercial use allowed: I'd like to only spend time with the APIs if I can get permission to use the APIs in my app commercially - otherwise I will need to.

Googles services are free up untill a certain limit (which actually is quite hard to hit) and the API is very friendly to work with. I am using it in a couple of applications myself and it works flawlessly and is extremely fas DeepL API Free ist eine Variante unseres DeepL API Pro -Pakets, mit der Entwickler bis zu 500.000 Zeichen pro Monat kostenlos übersetzen können. Genauso wie mit dem DeepL API Pro-Paket können Entwickler und jegliche andere Nutzer die REST API von DeepL in ihre eigenen Produkte und Plattformen integrieren. Ein DeepL API Free-Abonnement bietet. Screenshoot: Pricing-Seite FREE-API (Quelle [4]) Mit Geoapify [1] steht eine weitere API als Google-Alternative im Geobereich zur Verfügung. Es kann sich durchaus lohnen, dort mal nachzuschauen, denn schon in der FREE-Variante stehen Euch bis zu je 3000 Geocoding-, Place-, Routing- und Isolines-Requests zur Verfügung. Zu den Daten wird auf der geocodig-api-Seite [3] folgendes gesagt: Di

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  1. Anyone can obtain an API Key and use the APIs for non-commercial purposes free of charge subject always to Elsevier's policies for using our APIs and data. For non-commercial research, Elsevier only grants full Scopus APIs access to clients with Scopus subscriptions. If you do not have a Scopus subscription you can still use the APIs, however you will have limited access to basic metadata for.
  2. APIS IQ-Software is one of the most advanced softwares for both FMEA, DRBFM and Functional Safety on the market. Try the 60 day free trial today
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  4. Traffic API. Add real-world context to your application by integrating real-time and historical traffic information about accidents, congestion, construction and more. Fleet Telematics API. Integrate advanced algorithms ready to solve complex location problems, such as toll cost calculation, route matching GPS traces and geofencing. Weather API
  5. Google finance still offers an API which should have been deprecated long back. Here is an example of the API, try it on browser. http://finance.google.com/finance.
  6. SAP API Business Hub - Explore, discover and consume APIs, pre-packaged Integrations, Business Services and sample app
  7. The basic API is free to use and rate limited. Upgrade to a subscription today to get extra data and no rate limit! Premium data includes a second data source: total cases, new cases, total deaths, new deaths, total cases per million, new cases per million, total deaths per million, new deaths per million, population, population density, median age, aged 65 and older, aged 70 and older, GDP.

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Find Out Which URL Shortener is Worth Integrating With Your App - Here are The Best Free APIs Currently Available. The first URL shortener was created in 2002 to shorten links for the now famous social network, Twitter. As the world became more digitally focused, the link shortener became a widely accepted service for a variety of marketing activities Free REST API for countries, states and cities Follow the below steps from which you can access the free APIs for the country, state, and city informatio Trusted by 75,000 companies worldwide Start using the API — It's free! New York, United States. Partly Cloudy. Wind: 6.1 kmph Precip: 0.00 mm Pressure: 1025.0 mb 21.0 °c. MON 21.0 °c. TUE 23.3 °c. WED 27.8 °c. THU 31.3 °c. FRI 17.0 °c. Happy Customers: Real-Time, History, Forecast. Our API covers global weather data across the board — from a multi-year history all the way to live.

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Management tools APIs. Retrieves Google Cloud Console billing accounts and associates them with projects. View, create, and manage Cloud Billing budgets programmatically at scale. Programmatic access to the entire public Google Cloud catalog consisting of billable SKUs, public pricing, and relevant metadata Free News API features. unlimited API calls (1 call/second rate limit) ~120,000 news articles per day for contributors (~70,000 for basic users) filter by keyword, language, topic, country, source, published time for contributors (just keyword & language by default) This API documentation page was created with Slate. That's a super cool & open. App Submission API. Create new versions of your existing Android apps on the Amazon Appstore with our App Submission API. Login with Amazon . Securely connect with millions of Amazon customers and personalize their experiences. Amazon Fling. Build rich multi-screen experiences for Amazon Fire TV. Monetization tools. In-App purchasing. Sell digital content and subscriptions, including in-game. The free API is not for use in closed systems or for tracking transport. The maximum number of total requests to the geocoder, router, and panoramas is 25,000 per day. How requests are counted. ⚠️ There are some additional restrictions on free usage that are explained in the documentation. If your project doesn't meet these conditions, you can use the API for Business. Helpful links. API. News API is a simple, easy-to-use REST API that returns JSON search results for current and historic news articles published by over 80,000 worldwide sources. Worldwide Scale Search through hundreds of millions of articles in 14 languages from 55 countries

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Today, I am going to share some free templates that are designed to showcase your API. Good documentation is really important so start with a good foundation. These API resources are simple, clean, leverage best practices, and will make your API users happy. 1. Slate - helps you create beautiful API Scalable JSON API delivering worldwide news,headlines and blog articles in real-time. Supporting 7,500+ News Sources. 500 Free Requests per month. Instant access to live news data from 50+ countries in multiple languages. Get API Key

How can you use the WhatsApp API for free? This is what our next video is about, where we will talk about the significant benefit of working with the Chat AP.. REST steht für REpresentational State Transfer, API für Application Programming Interface. Gemeint ist damit eine Programmierschnittstelle, die sich an den Paradigmen und Verhalten des World Wide Web (WWW) orientiert und einen Ansatz für die Kommunikation zwischen Client und Server in Netzwerken beschreibt Get Free API Key; Real-time Crypto Currency Exchange Rates JSON Rest API Your trusted resource for accurate crypto market data, covering 25 exchanges and more than 385 coins. Sign Up Free Learn more. Real-time data from: 2019-09-18 12:32:17 UTC $ curl https. Documenting APIs: A guide for technical writers and engineers. Last updated: Dec 29, 2020. In this course on writing documentation for REST APIs, instead of just talking about abstract concepts, I contextualize REST APIs with a direct, hands-on approach. You'll first learn about API documentation by using a simple weather API to put a weather. TomTom Developer Portal | Maps APIs and SDKs for Location Applications. Block builder: Single News: Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 - 09:30. Text: Our YouTube channel is now live! Subscribe here

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Accurate & reliable Exchange Rates API trusted by tens of thousands of developers since 2010. Free access, all world currencies, helpful support & easy to integrate JSON API Pricing. Get weather data for any location on the globe immediately with our superb APIs! Just sign up with your email and start using minute forecasts, hourly forecasts, history and other weather data in your applications for free. For more functionality, please consider our generous subscriptions Für Maps Embed API, Maps SDK for Android und Maps SDK for iOS bestehen zurzeit keine Nutzungsbeschränkungen und sie sind kostenlos. Die Nutzung der API oder SDKs wird nicht auf Ihr monatliches Guthaben von 200 $ angerechnet. Kann ich das kostenlose Testguthaben in Höhe von 300 $ von Google Cloud Platform mit der Google Maps Platform nutzen? Ja, das ist möglich. Siehe Guthaben für.

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Stock APIs of 2020 that will get you the data you need. Either a Free stock API for hobby investing, or a paid stock API. This guide will tell you which stock market data API to use to to build your investing application, data collector, trading signal, or anything else you're looking for Browse, Test & Connect to 1000s of Public Rest APIs on Rakuten RapidAPI's API Marketplace - the world's largest API directory. Sign up today for Free IP Geolocation API. Fast, accurate, reliable. Free for non-commercial use, no API key required. Easy to integrate, available in JSON, XML, CSV, Newline, PHP. Serving more than 1 billion requests per day, trusted by thousands of businesses

Free, easy-to-use REST API interface delivering worldwide stock market data in JSON format. 250 Monthly Requests. Free forex data for hundreds of currencies around the world. FREE Get API Key. Trusted by 100,000+ Developers Worldwide: Updated Every Minute. Obtain real-time, accurate and reliable currency exchange rate data for hundreds of worldwide currencies, updated as often as every 60. API Documentation for Alpha Vantage. Alpha Vantage offers free JSON APIs for realtime and historical stock market data with over 50 technical indicators. Supports intraday, daily, weekly, and monthly stock quotes and technical analysis with charting-ready time series

IMDb API Documentation. Documentation and Online Test. Go to Swagger IMDb API Documentation. API Key. Enter your API Key for testing APIs. Register on site to get free API Key Loader.io is a FREE load testing service that allows you to stress test your web-apps & apis with thousands of concurrent connections. Sign Up Now. How it works Amazingly easy. Add your target host. Use the web-interface or API to register your app for testing. Run a test. We'll simulate connections to your application for the duration . Watch the test in real-time. Monitor the test in real. An open, crowd-sourced database of sports artwork and metadata with a free API. The content here is only possible thanks to the hard work of our users. If you like the site, please consider registering as an editor or click below... Currently 650 supporters: Click a Sport icon above to browse. Total Events: 642,604 Total Players: 41,419 Total Teams: 9,783 . Born on this day Javi Varas (39. The API makes it possible to embed Yandex.Translate in a mobile app or web service for end users. Or translate large quantities of text, such as technical documentation. Getting started. Experiment with Yandex.Translate. Yandex.Translate. Review the user agreement and rules for formatting translation results. Formatting Rules. Get a free API key. Get Key. Read the documentation. You will find. Hassle-free API Marketplace Boost your app's capabilities without worrying about scalability and stability. Learn More Sign Up Free Editor's Picks. Supercharge your app with these ready to run backends and APIs. Advanced Scraper API. Web Tools APIs. Advanced web scraper API with rotating IPs (from 170+ countries), browser rendering and JS execution capabilities. BIN Checker API. Finance APIs.

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Free, powerful HTML to PDF API supporting both URL and raw HTML conversion. Unlimited document size, lightning-fast and compatible PHP, Python, Ruby, etc API ist die Abkürzung für Application Programming Interface. Ein API ist also eine Schnittstelle: Es verbindet Soft- und Hardwarekomponenten, beispielsweise Anwendungen, Festplatten oder Benutzeroberflächen. Beim Programmieren vereinheitlichen APIs die Datenübergabe zwischen Programmteilen, etwa Modulen, und Programmen Info - Its a free and Public API, There are some people are using CRON job to insert and update.Please avoid CRON job that will cause Server issue. I am not making enough money to get VPS. I have changed results Data structure, I apologies for that. You can support this public API using paypal/payoneer Developer Center / APIs. Open Library offers a suite of APIs to help developers get up and running with our data. This includes RESTful APIs, which make Open Library data availabile in JSON, YAML and RDF/XML formats. There's also an earlier, now deprecated JSON API which is preserved for backward compatibility

Unified APIs For All Travel Products. 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL. Why AccessOne? Maximize and control your global shopping capability through a single unified connection providing rich travel content regardless of the source. AccessOne is a unique fully cloud-based managed platform allowing for aggregation of all your GDS and direct connect suppliers across all of your products into a single unified. There is but unless you absolutely MUST use a free API, no matter what, I wouldn't suggest it. Reason is - security. That's the main reason honestly. You that. ReqBin API Tester is a free online API testing tool. Test your API, website or web service by sending REST, SOAP and HTTP API requests right from your browser, and check the server responses. Test APIs, websites and web services online; Post requests directly from your browser; Share and discuss your requests online; Load test APIs and website Free UK postcode lookup API and datasets. Search, validate and reverse geocode postcodes. An open sourced project by Ideal Postcode Dictionary API is—and always will be—free. Our mission is to provide users with an API that they can use to build a game, learning application, or next-generation speech and text technology. Your donation directly helps the development of Dictionary API and keeps the server running

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The best free cryptocurrency and bitcoin API. Programmatically access current and historical price, markets, and exchange rate data from exchanges like Binance, Gemini, GDAX, and Poloniex. Quickly create mobile apps, charts, and pricing websites with our lightning fast RESTful JSON API Top 3 Free API Documentation Tools. Modern web services live and die on the APIs they use. Developers must avoid monolithic systems and embrace agility and flexibility. This is why, of course, it isn't unheard of for companies to rely on dozens of semi-independent (micro)services - either from 3rd parties or internal teams. That means we're more reliant than ever on other team's code. APIs. Open Directions API. Open Elevation API. Open Geocoding API. Open Guidance API. Open Search (Nominatim) API. Open Static Map API. Legacy APIs. Open Static Map v4 API. Supporting Documentation. OpenStreetMap. Open Data Initiatives Forum. Open Search (Nominatim) Forum. About MapQuest for Business. MapQuest for Business powers thousands of businesses with location-enabled Geospatial. Free API to get the official bank and public holidays for 200+ countries, states, and provinces for 100+ years. Get your free API key to start today Just enter your API key or connect via OAuth2. Data Connector is the API connector of choice! Data Connector is the ONLY Add-on of it's kind that gives you OAuth2 connections, JMESPath and other filters on it's free tier. Other Add-ons make you pay for those features. We are also the ONLY Add-on of it's kind that is open source

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API Overview. Our API is available for everyone to use. A TMDb user account is required to request an API key. Professional users are approved on a per application basis. As always, you must attribute TMDb as the source of your data. Please be sure to read more about this here Your API key. This is optional and recommended to use only for server side calls. Client side usage does not require it, as we automatically show the thumbnails only for the domains added in your account. For the free branded accounts, this parameter is ignored, as we provide the free branded service for anybody, free of charge

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A Web API is an application programming interface for either a web server or a web browser.It is a web development concept, usually limited to a web application's client-side (including any web frameworks being used), and thus usually does not include web server or browser implementation details such as SAPIs or APIs unless publicly accessible by a remote web application For WebSocket APIs, the API Gateway free tier includes one million messages (sent or received) and 750,000 connection minutes for up to 12 months. Zusätzliche Gebühren. Ggf. fallen zusätzliche Gebühren an, wenn Sie API Gateway in Kombination mit anderen AWS-Services nutzen oder Datenübertragungen von AWS durchführen. Weitere Informationen zu den Preisen von AWS-Services finden Sie im. There are dozens of Routing API which is either available as premium API, Free till a limit or a completely free Routing API. Here you will find all the list of Map Routing libraries which I have gone through and researched while working on one of my project. Let me start listing first few free and open source direction Map API followed with API which is available for free till a particular. In diesem Leitfaden werden Sie schrittweise durch den Prozess des Aufrufs der Outlook-Mail-API zum Abrufen von Nachrichten in Office 365 und Outlook.com geführt. Im Gegensatz zu den plattformspezifischen Erste-Schritte-Anleitungen liegt in diesem Leitfaden der Fokus auf OAuth- und REST-Anforderungen und -Antworten Get Historical Rates, have our API convert single amounts for you, get a currency's change parameters, switch Source Currency, and more. If you ever need more than the Free Plan - get advanced API Access - Subscriptions Plans starting at Startup-friendly USD 9.99 per month. Get instant access to 168 world currencies and precious metals, and.