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A place to talk OSM and football. Dive deep with other managers and let us know what you think Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of How to counter 4231 in OSM ? How to Beat 4231 in Online Soccer Manager ? ⚽Hi coach, I give you the best way to beat 4231 in OSM.Enjoy ;)#OSM #beat4231 CHANEL MAIN OSM Merupakan channel yang membahas tentang berbagai macamTip dan trik permainan Soccer Manager online.Taktik terbaik dengan semua lineup yang te.. hello manager....this time I share 1 tactic again....yessss 451 / 4231 SOS at battle crew....so let's watch and try...don't forget to subscribe and like..

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  1. When playing with a lower goal team against a Goal 1-4 team I would suggest trying a counter tactic. Shoot On Sight: There has been a lot of debate as to whether
  2. How to counter shoot on sight OSM: The game. 3. 3. 1847. Loading More Posts. Oldest to Newest; Newest to Oldest; Most Votes; Reply. Reply as topic; Log in to
  3. Hello Guys and welcome to OSM Tactiques.New episode of our data room, Gaël of subscribers championship give us his tactic to win against the 4231 Shot On Sig..
  4. I'm thinking 4231 shoot on sight defensive with sliders 60 39 59 zonal and offside trap but I am thinking 532 and setting up more defensively. 3. Share. Report
  5. He uses 424a lineup while I use 4231. I think 4231 is better than 424a. And I use passing game tactic while he uses shoot on sight tactic. We have zonal marking

4231 shoot on sight, 60,60,60, zonal marking and no offside trap! And side or edge game with to arrows forward. Attackers only attack, midfield stay position its always a lose when i counter 433b with this. 1. level 1. mcdjdikkat. · 1y. If you are as strong as your opponent try 433A wing play. And play offensive. If youre

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speleo club chieti. chi siamo; pubblicazioni; corsi; chieti sotterranea; strisciando 2016; osm 4231 counter OSM counter tactics. OSM is about winning, but to win you have to be able to counter your adversaries tactics.With this video you will beat 433 and 442 tactics.Watch it and sub... With this video you will beat 433. Online Soccer Manager (OSM) 2020 is a tactic-based football game where the decisions you make before a game result in your actual team performance COUNTER STRIKE SHOOT AT SIGHT. General Rules & Guidelines 1. Participation will be in groups of two players. 2. Each round will be an eliminator. Positions for each round will be decided on the number of wins of that group The Universal Shotgun Sight Display #1 includes a black wire display rack with six pegs, perfect for a counter or table top, and six styles of TruGlo's universal shotgun sights: 4 green (TG104G) and 4 red (TG104R) Glo-Dot Universal Pro-Series, 4 Glo-Dot Universal Dual Color (TG90D), 3 red (TG90) and 3 green (TG91) Glo-Dot Universal, 3 Glo-Dot Xtreme Universal (TG90X)

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4-2-3-1 Shoot on sight, zonal marking against stronger

He uses 424a lineup while I use 4231